Pastis & Irene Grandi

You have to travel (Lungoviaggio)

Music and visual theater

A show that is an appeal-encouragement to broaden horizons, be them real ones, or those of the mind.

Fragments of reality, unconscious inner musicalities, that onstage become multi-sensorial poetry.

A visual border and time-crossing flight from Italy through Bali, India, US, Ecuador… to the stars; from 1968 till today.

Sung, spoken and arranged, mostly in Italian (subtitled) with some English, a dust of Spanish and a sprinkle of Indian and Balinese.

Travel to discover, to escape, to expand, to unblock.
Travel to disconnect, to change, to find and to lose.
Travel to test yourself, to think, to be true, to adapt.
Travel to be in the moment, to listen, to learn.

Travel to read and read to travel.
Travel to understand, to watch, to speed up time, to study, to meet.
Travel to reunite, to flow, to remember or to forget.

Written, directed and performed by:
Marco Lanza, Saverio Lanza, Irene Grandi

Photos by Antonio Viscido