Irene Grandi

Irene Grandi has, in her career, sold around 5 million records and earned 9 top-ten albums and 6 top-ten singles of which one number-one on the Italian music charts.

After a long period of musical growth in the Florentine and Tuscan environment, she debuted at the age of 24 at the Italian Song Festival in Sanremo, in ’93 and published her first album in ’94 followed by her second in ’95 and a third in ‘97. These were all produced collaborating closely with the author Telonio and the artistic producer Dado Parisini and enjoyed great success with both public and critics.

Her fourth album, produced by Gigi De Rienzo, contains the song “La tua ragazza sempre“, signed by Rossi / Curreri with which she participates in the Sanremo festival, ranking second.

In 2000 she participated to the Pavarotti and Friends with a duet rendition of “Guarda che luna”.

Her first hits collection is in 2001 “Irek”, containing the unpublished “Per fare l’amore“ and “Sconvolto così”. The same year, she enchants one hundred thousand people at the Heineken Jammin ‘Festival in Imola, opening for her friend Vasco.
The collaboration with Vasco leads to the publication of “Prima di partire per un lungo viaggio”, title track of the following album (2003).

2005 is the year of “Indelebile” containg the hit “Lasciala andare” and 2007 the second hits collection of hits, “Irenegrandi.hits”, containing “Bruci la città”, which soon became one of Irene’s most beloved songs from public.

In 2008 she released the album “Canzoni per Natale” with which Irene brought to Italy the international tradition of Christmas records. In the same year, Mondadori published the first official autobiography, “Diary of a bad girl”.

In 2010 Irene returns to Sanremo after 10 years with “La cometa di Halley”, a song that anticipates the new album “Alle porte del sogno”.
In 2011 Irene wrote a song for internationally know artist Tiziano Ferro, “Paura non ho”.

In 2012 she released “Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani“, a project born from the collaboration and the twenty-year friendship with the famous pianist: a piano and voice project in which the two artists interpret famous songs and standards of different traditions, from Brazil to Europe.

In addition to Vasco Rossi, Irene has collaborated with many Italian artists (among others Pino Daniele, Jovanotti, Edoardo Bennato, Francesco Bianconi, Elio e le storie tese, Eros Ramazzotti and, on many occasions, with Stefano Bollani) and international (Youssou N’Dour, Patti Smith, Simphiwe Dana, Hector Zazou, James Reid).

In 2015 she participated in the 65th Italian Song Festival in Sanremo with the song “Un vento senza nome“, of which she is also the author, title track of the homonymous album.

Her long recording career has always been accompanied by an important live activity, television participations or major events and theatrical tours, in which the artist has involved large audiences thanks to a natural charisma and a voice with a characteristic and powerful timbre.

Always curious and with an intrepid spirit, she is a transversal pop artist, who has made use of emerging authors and musicians of international level who have contributed to enriching her eclectic and spontaneous personality at the same time.

In 2020 she is again at the 70th Italian Song Festival in Sanremo with the song “Finalmente io“, written for her by acclaimed italian rocker Vasco Rossi.

After a forced ‘pandemic stop’, during the summer of 2021 Irene started a new live project, “Io in blues” again with longtime musical partner Saverio Lanza as well as Piero Spitilli e Fabrizio Morganti (or Max Frignani) and Pippo Guarnera on Hammond. Rediscovering her musical roots with a renewed energy after the uprooting of the first nefarious Covid year.

2022 Saw Irene publish a live single ‘E poi‘ and perform in a successful summer and autumn tour with the “Io in blues” project.