“One eye sees, the other hears”

Behind the pseudonym PASTIS, which brings us immediately to the name of the famous French drink, are the brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza.

The name, which derives from the Occitan language and means “mixture”, perfectly expresses the singularity of this artistic union that resides in the different disciplines that the two interpret, respectively photography and music, two different crafts that with the PASTIS come together in a new expressive form. The PASTIS outputs are short works of musical video art that draw heavily on everyday life.

Their live is a symbiosis between the work tools of the brothers: guitars, piano, camera and camera cohabit in a sort of “photoconcert”, while their works in simultaneous projection interact with the performance as an additional musician on the stage. Often the spectators themselves become an active part of the performance through a photographic musical improvisation. The leitmotif “One eye sees, the other hears” fully represents their language and is an explicit reference to the quotation of the painter and violinist Paul Klee (1879-1940).

A  number of established artists who loved their particular language have participated as guests of their shows, or portraits in their works, among others: Wayne Marshall, Max Gazzè, Fiorucci, Irene Grandi, Cristina Donà, Bugo.

In 2009 they won the Ciampi Award in the “L’Altrarte” section; in 2011 they were invited to the Experimental Film Festival at the Tribeca Cinema in New York; in 2012 they wrote Italian Textile Sonata, a concert for textile machines and other instruments, in collaboration with Tempo Reale (Music Research Center founded by Luciano Berio); in 2013 they released the dvd “Fotoconcerto”, an anthology of the works of the duo.

In 2018 they stage the italian version of a show created with Irene Grandi entitled “Lungoviaggio”.


Marco Lanza

was born in Florence on December 1, 1957, while still very young he began to take care of photography. Undertakes university studies at DAMS (Disciplines of Arts, Music and Entertainment)  in Bologna.

When the first assignments stated to arrive, in the eighties, he began to travel regularly to perform photographic works, he moved for long periods with his family in Australia, collaborating with agencies and international editors. He has worked with companies such as Replay, Gucci, Marni, Sundek, Giunti Editore, Condé Nast, RCS, Mondadori, Piaggio.

His artistic activity develops in various projects, some exhibited in Italy and abroad, many of his works are published in international magazines such as The Sunday Times, Colors, Die Zeit, Harper’s. In 2000 he was published The Living Dead  (through Westzone Publishing) a work on the Capuchin Crypt in Palermo. In 2005, together with his musician brother Saverio, he founded the video-art project PASTIS.

In 2015 he published Velatura  (Greta Edizioni) and in 2016 Depositi (published by Gli Ori, Pistoia).


Saverio Lanza

was born in Florence on March 24th 1970, he studied Composition at the Conservatory of Florence where he graduated in orchestral conducting and band instrumentation.

From ’91 to ’98 he was the rock-guitarist singer of the Rockgalileo, with three published records. In his career he has played both the activity of musician (guitarist, bassist and pianist) and that of the author, and finally that of arranger and artistic producer.

He has worked in various roles with various artists including: Cristina Donà, Bugo, PGR (former CSI), Sarah Jane Morris, Piero Pelù, Vasco Rossi, Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani, Arisa, Irene Grandi.

As a soloist he has recorded two albums: Ce l’hai una sigaretta? in 2004, where he gives voice to the Italian clochards; and Madrelingua, in 2007, with the voices of migrant mothers.

In 2005, together with his brother Marco, he founded the video art project PASTIS with which he participates in various national and international exhibitions. In 2015 Saverio won the Tenco Prize, best song, as an author along with Cristina Donà.

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