The visual-album

The Visual-Album is the innovative artistic format that Marco, Saverio and Irene have materialized for this happy marriage between video-art and song, proposing, in its track list, twelve video-musical works of which they sign together texts, music and images.

Twelve videotracks (not to be confused with the classic video clips) that arise from moments of everyday reality, from news, from history or from an occasion.

The numerous guests, portrayed while expressing an unconscious internal musicality, become interpreters, like Irene and Pastis, of this double reading musical work, which can be seen but also simply heard.

The lineup of the visual album has prestigious collaborations of unique characters in their field, for each of which the trip has in various ways distinguished their career: we refer to video-works such as ” You have to travel” where award winning israeli choreographer Hagit Yakira intervenes in a singular way;  but also “I would like to take you on a journey” that sees the presence of the astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti of ESA (European Space Agency); as well as for “Tutto è uno” videotrack in which the writer Tiziano Terzani, whose life coincided with the concept of journey, appears posthumously; to finish with “I viaggi per mare” sung with Cristina Donà, an author who has never covered the same route twice in her music career.